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Hi!  My name is Robert Falk and I help individuals and families get the best health insurance for their needs, wants, and budget. I am both licensed and marketplace certified which I can offer you the best health insurance plans on- and off-exchange. Shopping all the different health plans can be complicated and overwhelming. I guide you through the quoting and enrollment process, answering all of your questions, and doing the work for you at no additional cost. Yes, my services are free; no broker fees.

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Get the Best Health Insurance for You

The best health insurance looks differently for everyone. When working with an agent, it’s important they have options available, so they can truly recommend the best health insurance available for you.

Marketplace Insurance

Marketplace health insurance plans provide coverage for pre-existing conditions and several other essential benefits required by the ACA (affordable care act). You might qualify for a lower price based on household income.

Private Insurance

Off-exchange private health insurance plans can meet ACA required by offering coverage for pre-existing conditions and the other essential benefits. Private plans offer more network flexibility and are often at more competitive prices.

Short Term Medical

Short term medical insurance policies are available for 1 month to 3 years. They aren’t available in every State, but are a great lower cost health insurance option for people who don’t need coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Fixed Indemnity

Fixed indemnity health insurance policies help pay for out of pocket costs from your main medical plan. These policies can also sometimes pay you for certain things that medical insurance normally doesn’t cover like income replacement.

Accidental Injury

Accidental injury insurance plans protect you financially for unexpected injuries. These plans will help pay for your out-of-pocket costs on your main medical plan like copays, deductibles, and max-out-of-pockets. Some plans can even pay you additional benefits that you can use however you like.

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance policies provide financial relief to you and your family when there is a critical illness diagnosis such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, or many other illnesses. Even with great health insurance, a CI policy will help alleviate the inevitable financial burden of these situations.

Dental Insurance

A dental insurance policy helps you stay on top of your normal routine dental care and helps pay the cost of unexpected dental procedures

International Travel

Whether you are traveling to or from the United States, an international travel medical policy provides health insurance while you are away from home.

Marketplace Health Insurance Agent

A marketplace health insurance agent has advanced training and knowledge to help consumers enroll into the best marketplace health insurance plan for their situation. Marketplace health insurance plans offer the most comprehensive coverage available to purchase on the open market. Most States use the federal health insurance marketplace,, which I am a certified agent for. Marketplace health insurance policies provide free preventative care, cover pre-existing conditions, and the pricing can be based on your income. Even though all these medical plans offer the basic essential benefits, there is a wide range of copay and deductible options across all the plans available in your area.

Private Health Insurance Broker

Private health insurance plans are available in most States and are sometimes a better option than marketplace health plans.. With a private health insurance plan that is “off-exchange” or “off-marketplace” you can often find larger PPO networks of doctors and they often provide national coverage. Some private health insurance plans will still cover pre-existing conditions just like the marketplace and some private plans offer lower prices based on your health.