Accidental Insurance Coverage

Accidental insurance coverage will help pay for your out of pocket costs related to accidental injuries. Accident plans are often referred to as deductible protection. These plans help cover your deductible and your maximum-out-of-pocket on your medical plan. A lot of medical plans have deductibles that are several thousand dollars per person and even have over $8000 maximum out of pocket. With these high out of pocket costs, accidental injury coverage can save you thousands of dollars in medical bills if an unforeseen accidental injury happens.

Who Should Have Accidental Insurance Coverage?

Everyone should have some sort of accidental coverage. The cost of an accidental medical expense policy is minimal and can be used as a stand alone policy or combined with other health insurance coverage. There are different types of accident plans available. Depending on your concerns and your health plan, some accident policies will be better than others.

Why have Accident Insurance?

Accidental injuries are one of the most common causes of larger medical bills. Accidents are unpredictable and often happen at the worst time. Having accidental insurance coverage helps alleviate the financial burden. Many major medical policies, including marketplace insurance policies, can have high deductibles and high max-out-of-pocket costs. An accidental injury policy is a lower cost way of protecting those high out of pocket costs.

How Do I Get An Accident Policy?

Getting accidental insurance coverage is very simple and easy. I can get a plan started for you right away. Just request a quote and I will go over the options that are available in your area. I will ask you some questions to get an understanding of exactly what you are looking for and then make our recommendations on plans that would be the best fit. When you are ready to sign up for accident plan, we will take care of the application for you to make it the process as seamless and as easy for you as possible.

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