Are Phone Calls from 813-534-0881 Legit?

Phone calls from 813-534-0881 are completely safe and legit. This is my primary business phone number that is only used for official insurance related business.

Get Phone Call From 813-534-0881?

Don’t worry, a real human made the call that you got from 813-534-0881. You can safely answer it or call it back. I am on the phone a lot, so I might not answer, but you can leave a voicemail and I will call you back as soon as I can.


Who Does 813-534-0881 Belong To?

Robert Falk uses 813-534-0881 as his primary business line for conducting official insurance related business. Robert is the principle broker for the VIP Agency LLC who run multiple websites including

Why Did I Get a Call From 813-534-0881?

Only clients and prospects get calls from 813-534-0881. If you haven’t purchased any health insurance products from me, then you are probably a prospect or a referral. This means that you made an insurance inquiry recently and I am trying to contact you to help you with it.

Stop Calls from 813-534-0881

If you no longer want calls from 813-534-0881 then simply request to be put on the do-not-call list. However, if you are a client, it’s important that I have the ability to call you if needed. If you aren’t a client yet and you are in need of information related to health insurance, then it’s important that we have the ability to communicated over the phone.

Are Calls from 813-534-0881 a Scam?

No, not at all. If you got a phone call from 813-534-0881, then there is a reason for it. You are either a client of mine, you submitted an insurance inquiry and requested information, or you were referred to me by one of my trusted referral partners to get help with your health insurance.