Buy Health Insurance Online

Buy Health Insurance Online

Buy Health Insurance Online

Buy health insurance online easily by selecting the type of plan and shopping the options in your area. Get a free online insurance quote and signup for the coverage you want. Below are links to the most common insurance plans for you to buy online. If you have any questions along the process, simply contact us for help.

Marketplace Insurance

Shop, quote, and enroll into a marketplace health insurance policy quickly and easily with our partnership platform that is directly linked with for a more user friendly experience. Learn More

Short Term Medical

Shop and signup for short term medical plans that last from 1 to 12 months, use national PPO networks, and offer lower prices based on health and not based on your household income. Learn More

Dental Insurance

Quickly buy dental insurance online and have coverage start as soon tomorrow. Get a free dental insurance quote online, choose the plan that looks best, and enroll within minutes. Learn More

Learn More About Buying Online

This page empowers you to buy health insurance online. Please take time to read before you scroll down. Based on popular demand for a self-service option to buy health insurance online, I have created this page for you. Buying health insurance online is often more difficult than it should be, so I am providing information and tools to make it as easy as possible. I am always here to help in anyway that I can, so if you have any questions or would like my expert help, please contact me.

Buying health insurance and related products is a very important decision, please do not rush. Read all the information on this page. Mistakes can be fixed, but its always easier to do it right the first time.

Even though you can buy health insurance online with your mobile device, I highly recommend using a larger device such as a computer or tablet, so you can see the information on the screen better.

Know Before You Buy Online

There are two parts to your overall health insurance coverage. When you buy health insurance online on your own, make sure you are purchasing all the coverage you are wanting and not missing any parts. Some of the options below have been simplified for the sake of making it as easy as possible for you. The plan options below are good enough for most individuals and families, but I most likely have more options in your area if you want to request a quote from me directly.

  1. Pick the Main Medical plan that is the best fit for you based on coverages, features, and price. You can have only 1 main medical plan.
  2. Pick the Ancillary Plans to pay for things that the main medical plan doesn’t. You can have multiple ancillary plans if needed/wanted.

How To Buy Health Insurance Online

  1. Quote – No contact information required, just enter some basic details to generate the price. If something doesn’t look right to you, feel free to contact me to do the quote for you.
  2. Application – Once the quote looks good for the plans you want, follow the appropriate links to enroll into the coverage. The screens will walk you through entering the rest of the information needed to apply for coverage. You might submit multiple applications when purchasing multiple plans (a main medical plan and ancillary plans). Everything is online, nothing to print out. Some plans have very simple and quick applications, some take longer. It’s best to allow yourself 15 to 60 minutes (depending on what you are enrolling into) to complete the application(s). If you get stuck for any reason, please contact me and I can complete it for you.
  3. Payment – At the very end of each application, you will need to enter payment information. Nothing is ever final until payment is made, so make sure you don’t skip this step. If you are submitting multiple applications then you will need to enter payment information with each. Payments are securely processed by each carrier. Some carriers require automatic monthly payments. All carriers will accept a routing and account number for payment, most will also accept VISA or Mastercard, some will accept Discover and American Express. If you run into any issues, just contact me.

During the process of buying health insurance online, you should get various emails. Some of those emails are just informative and others are confirmation that the application has been submitted successfully and that payment has been processed successfully.

Buy Health Insurance Online

Below are two groups of options for buying health insurance online. The first group is for your main medical plan. There are three types of plans to choose from for your main plan. You can choose 1 main plan to enroll into. Each type of plan has a link(s) that take you to the actual online quoting system which is also the enrollment system for submitting the application when you are ready.

The second group of options are your ancillary coverages. These are very important and round out your overall health insurance coverage. On average, people have 2 of these plans added to their main medical plan; but you can choose as many as you want. The most popular two are dental and accidental, but the others are very beneficial as well.

The links below are to the most popular companies for each type of plan. If you are looking for a company, product, or coverage that you don’t see; please contact me.

Step 1: Main Medical Plans (Select 1)

Marketplace Medical Plans

These plans are the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) policies commonly referred to as “major medical” insurance.

  • $$$$$ Highest price (but might be lower based on your income level)
  • Covers Pre-existing Conditions
  • “Free” preventative care
  • Maternity & Mental Health coverages.
  • smaller local networks

Available plans are based on the county you live in and provide coverage in that region.

I utilize the “HealthSherpa” technology platform for quoting and enrolling clients into the marketplace medical plans.

STM Private Medical Plans

STM stands for “short term medical, but don’t let the name fool you, these are very popular plans used for both temporary and long term coverage.

  • $$$ Moderate price
  • Excludes pre-existing conditions
  • Larger National PPO Networks
  • Terms of 1 to 36 months available
  • lower price based on health.

Available plans are based on the State you live in and provide nationwide coverage.

In most areas, the National General STM policies are the overall best value, but other options might be available if you contact me.

Limited Medical Plans

A fixed benefit plan that is more flexible and affordable for those looking for coverage in a lower budget.

  • $ Lowest price
  • Excludes pre-existing conditions
  • No Deductible, first dollar benefit
  • National PPO Network, but no network requirement

Available plans are based on the State you live in and provide nationwide coverage.

In most areas, the National General fixed indemnity limited medical plans are the best overall value, but other options might be available if you contact me.

Step 2: Ancillary Coverage Plans (Select all that apply)

Dental Plans

Proper oral care is an important part of our overall health. Most dental plans offer free cleanings when in network and help cover costs for other dental work to protect you financially.

There are many dental carriers. Ameritas is consistently one of the best for coverage, price, and network of dentists. If you want to explore other options, please contact me.

Supplemental Coverage Plans

To help lower the cost of health insurance, you often have large deductibles or max-out-of-pocket limits on your main medical plan. Adding a low-cost supplemental plan helps provide a higher level of coverage at a lower price. Plan options vary by region, but popular options are Accident, Critical Illness (cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc), and Hospitalization.

There are many companies that offer supplemental type plans. This link is to shop plans offered by National General, one of the leaders in the industry for this type of coverage. National General is often the best overall value for price and coverage. If you want to explore other options, please contact me.

Step 3: Submit Application

For each of the plans you choose, you will need to submit an application. If the plans are with the same company, you might be able to combine them all onto one application. To submit the application, you simply select the appropriate links when you are shopping for any of the plans above. The steps for the plans you choose will walk you through the electronic application to make it as easy as possible for you. At the very end of the application, you will need to enter your payment information to finalize the transaction.