Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace

Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace

The Georgia health insurance marketplace uses the federal system to facilitate the eligibility and enrollment into the Obamacare major medical policies. There is no need for you to worry about those details since I take care of all of that for you. The Georgia health insurance marketplace is the health insurance option for people needing coverage for pre-existing conditions, maternity, mental health, and “free” preventative/wellness care.

Affordable Health Insurance in Georgia

ACA (Obamacare)

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) plans in Georgia are available to those that are eligible. The Georgia ACA policies offer coverage for pre-existing conditions, maternity, and mental health; however the cost can be on the high side unless you qualify for a lower price based on income. Depending on your income, the Georgia Obamacare plans can have a very broad range in pricing.

Major Medical

Some health insurance carriers in Georgia will allow you to purchase coverage directly through them instead of through the Obamacare Marketplace. Just like the Georgia Marketplace, I take care of the enrollment for you at no additional charge. These policies are for those that need pre-existing condition coverage but don’t want to go through the government facilitated system.

Short Term Medical

Georgia short term medical policies are available for 1 to 12 months at a time. Some insurance companies will even let you stack multiple terms for a total of up to 3 years of coverage. In Georgia , short term medical plans are used to bridge a small gap between other health insurance coverage and the plans have become popular as a more affordable permanent health insurance option. Because short term medical plans in Georgia are underwritten and based on your health, the cost is often quite a bit less than other health insurance options.

Limited Medical

Limited medical policies are also known as Fixed Indemnity health plans are available in Georgia. These plans are often considered as a more affordable Georgia health insurance option when comparing their price to other types of policies. Limited medical plans can also be combined with another medical policy in Georgia to be used as a supplement. These types of fixed indemnity plans can help pay for the out of pocket costs of other health insurance plans in Georgia, to better protect you financially.

Georgia Health Insurance Broker

Robert Falk - The Marketplace Insurance Broker

Hi, I am Robert Falk, and I am a licensed Georgia health insurance broker. I do not charge any broker fees for my Georgia clients. That means as a resident of Georgia, you won’t have any extra fees for using me as your agent/broker. I help you get the best health insurance in Georgia for your situation.

Shop Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace

There are several ways you can shop for Georgia health insurance marketplace plans. The official government website for Georgia marketplace insurance is, but most people have a difficult time with that website. The easiest way to shop for Georgia marketplace health insurance is to work with a trusted agent that can go over your options, answer any questions you have, and can enroll you into the best plan for your needs. For those of you who want to shop online by yourself, we have made the quoting and enrolling platform available for you to do-it-yourself, to easily get Georgia health insurance.