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Robert Falk - The Marketplace Insurance Broker

Hi! I am Robert Falk and I specialize in helping individuals and families find health insurance on the individual market. There are many situations that create a need for someone to buy their own health insurance coverage on a temporary or long term basis.

Shopping for health insurance is often confusing and frustrating. I offer an easy solution for both IOA agents and clients. I approach every client with respect, integrity, and honesty. Everyone’s situation is different and I am here to help them regardless of their income level or policy size.

Benefit for IOA Agents

I can help both you and your clients as trusted and knowledgeable health insurance expert to streamline the buying process. I don’t compete with IOA on products. I am here as a sales agent and an advisor for both IOA and clients. You can be confident that your clients will be well taken care of and minimize the frustration in an often overwhelming process of shopping/changing insurances.

Benefit for Clients

Clients get free consultation from an industry expert. I provide honest advice, even if that means they don’t buy anything from me. I do not charge broker fees and I am able to help with both private market and government subsidized health insurance plans.

Prospect Information:

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Affordable Health Insurance Solutions

Medical Plans

Depending your situation, there might be a variety of different types of health insurance plans that are a good fit for you. I am able to help you with short term, long term, “on-exchange”, and “off-exchange” medical plans. Whether you have a high annual income or low annual income, I make sure you aren’t paying more than you need to by exploring your options and programs you might be eligible for.

Ancillary Plans

Ancillary insurance plans are frequently overlooked but are often just as important as your main medical policy. These plans help cover other costs that aren’t usually covered by medical plans. They can pay your deductible for you, pay loss of income, and pay you lump sums of cash in various situations to lessen the financial burden in unforeseen situations.

Common Situations

Lost or will lose employer coverage

There are many circumstances that can cause the loss of employer coverage. Ideally, you and I talk within 60 days before or 60 days after the date your coverage ends/ended; however, even outside of this time frame there are health insurance options for you.

My Employer Doesn’t Offer Health Insurance

It is nice when employer sponsored health insurance is available, but it’s not always offered for one reason or another. That’s ok. I can help you find health insurance on the individual market that fits your needs and budget.

My Business Doesn’t Qualify For a Group Health Plan

There are several eligibility factors for a group health plan through a business. Not all businesses are eligible to offer a group health plan to it’s owner’s and employees. I am here to help owner’s, employees, and family members find the health insurance coverage they want and need.

An Employee Isn’t Eligible For The Group Health Plan

There are certain situations where an employee isn’t eligible to enroll into the company’s group health plan. Whether this is a temporary or permanent situation, I can help that employee obtain health insurance coverage.

I’m Not a Full-Time Employee

In most situations, employer sponsored group health plans are only available to full-time employees. If you are a part-time employer or considered a contract worker; you might not be eligible to enroll into the company’s group health plan. Don’t worry, I can help go over the options that you do have and get you setup with the coverage that best fits your needs and budget.