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Health Insurance for Individuals and Families.

Robert Falk - The Marketplace Insurance Broker

Hi! I am Robert Falk and I specialize in helping individuals and families find health insurance on the “individual market”. My business is primarily built on referrals and I am honored that you trust me enough to send your health insurance referrals to me.

There are a lot of health insurance agents you could send referrals to, but few have the experience, knowledge, and technique that I do. I offer a consultative approach to the sales process and provide honest advice, even if that means I don’t make a sale.

I Don’t Compete With You

I have many regular referral partners across the country, including other insurance agents. I only offer health insurance related products (U65 Health Insurance, dental, vision, accidental, critical illness, some small life policies*). I do not sell Medicare, Auto, Home, Life, Group Health, Business, or any other insurances. Sending a referral to me means that you can trust they are in good hands, they will be well taken care of, and you don’t risk losing them as a client.

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