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Dental insurance is one of the key parts to your overall health insurance coverages. Through the link below you can easily quote and buy dental insurance online at your convenience.

(this link is for both dental and vision, if you don’t want vision just say no to it)

Have questions before you buy dental insurance online?

Do you have questions about buying dental insurance that you would like answered before making a decision? I am happy to help. I can even do the enrollment for you if you prefer.

Why NCD/MetLife Dental?

For one, the NCD/MetLife have industry leading coverages, huge network of dentists, competitive pricing, plus a very easy quoting and enrolling system.

Want a different carrier? NCD/MetLife is one of the best, but I also have a lot of other carriers to choose from. Just schedule a call with me and we can explore your options.

Pro’s of Dental Insurance

  • Statistics show that those with dental insurance have more consistent preventative care
  • Bi-annual cleanings and exams and other preventative care are 100% covered.
  • Controlled and pre-negotiated discounted rates with in-network dentists and providers.
  • No waiting periods on most services with certain plans
  • Up to 90% coverage on basic services and up to 60% coverage on major services
  • Up to $10,000 of dental coverage depending on the plan.

Con’s of Dental Insurance

  • Some dentists are deceptive on taking a dental plan versus actually being in-network with a dental plan, which can make it confusing.
  • First year coverage for major services can be low, be careful of plans that are 0% in the first 12 months.