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Vision insurance is a small and often forgotten part of your overall health insurance coverages. You might be able to get away without having a vision insurance policy, but it is a lot nicer to have the coverage than not having it when you go for your eye exam and new frames or contacts. The link below lets you shop and buy vision insurance online easily and instantly.

(this link is for both vision and dental, if you don’t want dental just say no to it)

Have questions before you buy vision insurance online?

Do you have questions about buying vision insurance before you are ready to make a decision? I am happy to help. I can even do the enrollment for you if you prefer.

Why NCD/VSP Vision?

VSP is the leading vision network in the United States. There are lots of ways to get access to the VSP network and NCD offers a very robust and competitively price plan with VSP.

Do you want a different vision carrier/network? There are only a few vision networks in the US that are recommended, but I do have access to several of them. Just schedule a call with me and we can explore your options.

Pro’s of Vision Insurance

  • Low and predictable cost for eye exams
  • Allowance towards frames or contacts
  • Special rates for lens enhancements
  • Discounted rates any other services and other charges.

Con’s of Vision Insurance

There aren’t really any con’s to vision insurance. You either want the coverage or you don’t. The only con would be if you pay for a vision insurance plan but don’t use it, so make sure you use it if you have it.