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Have questions before you buy?

Do you have questions about Marketplace ACA health insurance plans before you buy? I am more than happy to help. I can even do the enrollment for you if you prefer.

Why use The Marketplace?

Fewer and fewer insurance companies are allowing you to go directly to them for ACA-compliant plans. Generally, you have to go through The Marketplace if you want an ACA-compliant health plan that covers preexisting conditions, maternity, mental health, and prescriptions. The Marketplace is simply a portal to purchase health insurance plans from the carriers available your county.

Pro’s of Marketplace Health Insurance

The Marketplace ACA plans (Affordable Care Act) was created for several reasons that help a lot of people get the coverage they either need or want.

  • These plans cover pre-existing conditions immediately. No waiting periods, no pre-existing exclusions, no underwriting.
  • These plans provide maternity coverage. (exact coverages vary from plan to plan)
  • Mental & Behavioral Health is part of every plan. (some plans have better coverage than others)
  • Income-Based Pricing. Your monthly premium cost might be lower if your income is within range to qualify for a subsidy.

Con’s of Marketplace Health Insurance

No system is perfect and there is no plan or type of plan that is a great fit for everyone. While the ACA marketplace is a great option for some people, there are definitely some downsides to be aware of.

  • Smaller Networks – Even though you can get big names like United Healthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Aetna, etc; marketplace plans use a smaller version of their networks.
  • Coverage’s whether you need them or not. Under the ACA law, all ACA plans provide coverage for maternity, regardless of age or gender. The plans provide mental health coverage whether or not you want it. The plans cover pre-existing conditions, even if you don’t have any.
  • Higher Price – The full price of Marketplace ACA Health Insurance plans is often very high when compared to other options. Because of everything these plans have to cover under the law, the prices are very high if your income doesn’t qualify you for a lower price.